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Buzz Lightyear


You are invited to think and produce technological business concepts, hardware and/or software for the energy access on the moon. The moon’s surface has no atmosphere, making wind and hydro power impossible. The lack of a magnetic field also makes it difficult to generate power through magnetic induction. In recent years, there have been proposals for new energy production methods, including the use of lunar-based nuclear reactors and the extraction of hydrogen and helium-3 from the moon’s surface.

Technical challenges:

  • Energy production and storage: Demonstrate new systems based on current researches and other applicable alternatives such as, Helium-3 Mining, Advanced Solar Cells, advanced batteries and capacitors …  
  • Lunar night survival: Propose stable source of energy to maintain life support systems and other equipment. Solar panels are not a viable option during the long lunar night, so energy storage systems become crucial.
  • Energy infrastructure: Propose stable energy distribution systems that can resist harsh moon environment

Business Challenge: 

Reach to technological business proposal that demonstrates potential for commercial viability.   

Intended outcome: 

Reach a demonstrable concept pitch under a technological business proposal mode with technical and business evidences consolidated within the hackathons such as a pre-feasibility study requirements. 

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