What is SpaceHack?

SpaceHack is a hackathon, a collaborative event meant to combine the expertise and skills of space and non-space talents in a collective entrepreneurial action. The scope of participating teams is to design innovative concepts that explore the near future potentials of the new space industry.

The hackathon is structured as a team competition of 24hours over three days (3x8hrs) with the support of domain experts and coaches. It is open to international university/doctoral students, professionals, researchers.


SpaceHack hackathon will take place virtually from Friday 12th to Sunday 14th November 2021.

Before the hackathon, three pre-event webinars will be organized:

  • 1st Webinar: 14th October from 6h30 PM to 7h30 PM
  • 2nd Webinar: 21st October from 6h30 PM to 7h30 PM
  • 3rd Webinar: 4th November from 6h30 PM to 7h30 PM

After the hackathon competition, a ceremony (hybrid mode) will take place on the 18th November 2021 5h30PM to 8PM to present the final projects in front of a jury of experts and select the hackathon winners.

Who can participate?

The hackathon is open to space-related professionals and university/doctoral students in the following fields: STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics), Business, Medical, Design, Legal, Behavioral sciences.

  • We are targeting to welcome a maximum of 60 motivated participants: 12 teams of maximum 5 people each.

Benefits for participants?

We are inviting you to participate in a structured space tech initiative on the basis of formalised space industry challenges of tomorrow.

With your team, you will contribute to designing the future Lunar settlement foundations.

The SpaceHack is an initiative that uses serious game methodologies to build a collective entrepreneurial action to explore concrete research topics of the space industry.

Most of all, what is interesting in the hackathon is the opportunity of multidisciplinary experiential learning in entrepreneurship and innovation management. In a nutshell, participants will foster and enforce entrepreneurial & innovation practices.

Moreover, you will have the chance to:

  • Meet the newspace players and recognised experts in space, technology, design and intellectual property
  • Compete for exceptional prizes
  • Imagine the first elements of your startup


Participation rules

The online registration for the hackathon is on an individual basis, but to participate it is essential to have a team of max 5 people. See the next question about how to create a team.

Participation is free of charge.

How participating teams are created?

Since a multidisciplinary team is suggested for a better performance, we will arrange a matchmaking process before the event to combine profiles with different backgrounds: 

During the third pre-event webinar, you will be invited to join in real time a web app where you will be able to meet the registered participant and find the best profiles to join your team.

Pre-event webinars

Before the hackathon, three pre-event webinars will be organized. The aim of the webinars is to get to know the hackathon process and rules, explore space topics and challenges with experts and to create your team for the hackathon competition.

  • 1st Webinar: 14th October from 6h30 PM to 7h30 PM
  • 2nd Webinar: 21st October from 6h30 PM to 7h30 PM
  • 3rd Webinar: 4th November from 6h30 PM to 7h30 PM

The following topics will be treated during webinars:

  • Presentation of the hackathon concept and the experiential learning through a multidisciplinary and multi-regional experience; tips & tricks to deliver a concept.
  • Presentation of the space challenges and topics of entrepreneurial investigation within the Greater Region.
  • Communication of the logistics elements to participate

Where to consult SpaceHack challenges?

During the 24hrs hackathon you and your team will work on only one of the proposed challenges, that you will choose before the event.

The challenge topics are listed in the SpaceHack website.


Virtual event & Agenda

SpaceHack2021 hackathon will run in a virtual mode.

Participants will coordinate remotely with team members and coaches, and will participate in online workshops.

The hackathon will take place from 12th to 14th November 2021.


1h00 PM Friday 12th Nov: Event launch (virtual)

  • Welcoming message
  • Reminder of the competition rules
  • E-meet the coaches 
  • Consolidating the teams (remote work)

From Friday 12th Nov 2h00 PM to Sunday 14th Nov 5h00 PM: Hackathon

  • Each team works on the chosen topic challenge, with the support of industry experts.
  • The coaches support and the workshops will happen during the day:
    • Friday from 2PM to 10PM
    • Saturday from 9AM to 5PM
    • Sunday from 9AM to 5PM
  • In the rest of the time, the teams can continue working on the project.

Deadline to upload the final project: Sunday 14th Nov 5hPM

Final ceremony: Thursday 18th November at 6PM – hybrid mode

  • Teams pitch in front of the jury (in person in Luxembourg or remotely via video conference)
  • 4 minutes pitch + 2min Q&A for each team 
  • Winner selection by the jury
  • Award ceremony

Project management guidelines

During the hackathon your team will have to design a concept solution for the chosen space challenge and submit your project proposal.

Several industry experts and professionals representing the most relevant actors of the Luxembourg space and tech innovation ecosystem and research institutions from the Greater Region will coach the participants. After the hackathon, a jury of space expert professionals will evaluate the projects and award the best ones.

You will receive at the hackathon launch an indicative process to guide your project under 3 development phases. 3 project check-points/reviews will be operated by the coaches (Day 1 after 6-8hrs: Concept pitch, Day 2: Solution design review,  Day 3: Solution Pitch).

Event prizes

1st Prize: The winning team receives support for concept prototyping within a Concurrent Design Facility. In the 3 months following the hackathon the team will get coaching sessions by selected coaches & experts to deliver a Project Design Report including a detailed executable use case, road map, and strategic plan of a lunar colony.

300€ voucher per team member

2nd Prize: 200€ voucher per team member

3rd Prize: 100€ voucher per team member

If any of your question does not find an answer in the FAQ, you can contact us at:

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