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Buzz Lightyear


You are invited to think and produce technological business concepts, hardware and/or software for ensuring future moon operations. Operations related to activities for exploring, utilizing and operating lunar settlements. Maintenance and reliability are crucial aspects for ensuring the sustainability of these operations and ensuring continuous production. Data and communications are important for coordinating and exchanging information between different elements involved in the moon operations. Shielding refers to measures that protect equipment and astronauts from harmful space radiation and other environmental factors.

Technical challenges:

  • Maintenance and reliability
  • Operating strategy (e.g. for ensuring continuous production/construction in a given time)
  • Data and communications
  • Lunar environment constraints (based on location on the Moon or any other celestial body)
  • Shielding (micro-impacts, radiation, etc)


Business Challenge: 

Reach to technological business proposal that demonstrates potential for commercial viability.   

Intended outcome: 

Reach a demonstrable concept pitch under a technological business proposal mode with technical and business evidences consolidated within the hackathons such as a pre-feasibility study requirements. 

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