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Sustainability in future lunar settlements refers to the development and implementation of practices and systems that allow for long-term habitation on the Moon while minimizing the depletion of resources and damage to the environment. Recycling, re-use, and repurposing of equipment and resources are key strategies for achieving sustainability, as they help to reduce waste and conserve resources. Reducing the materials required from Earth is important to minimize the cost and logistics of transporting supplies to the Moon, and also to minimize the impact on the Earth’s environment.

Technical challenges: 

  • Recycling
  • Re-use and repurposing of equipment and resources
  • Reduction in materials required from earth

Business Challenge: 

Reach to technological business proposal that demonstrates potential for commercial viability.   

Intended outcome: 

Reach a demonstrable concept pitch under a technological business proposal mode with technical and business evidences consolidated within the hackathons such as a pre-feasibility study requirements. 

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