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Buzz Lightyear

Extraction of water/oxygen

You are invited to think and produce technological business concepts, hardware and/or software for the crucial steps for establishing a self-sufficient lunar base, as water and oxygen are essential resources for human life and technological operations. The extraction and processing of these resources on the moon can also reduce the need for resupply missions from earth, making long-term exploration and habitation more feasible.

Technical challenges:

  • Excavation of lunar soil: Using machinery/precision software to dig into the lunar surface to search for water ice deposits.
  • Handling and loading into reactors: Transferring and data processing the extracted material into specialized reactors to process and extract water and oxygen.
  • Product handling and storage: Safely transporting and storing (considering data management) the extracted water and oxygen, ready for use by astronauts or for transport back to Earth.

Business Challenge :

Reach to technological business proposal that demonstrates potential for commercial viability.

Intended outcome:

Reach a demonstrable concept pitch under a technological business proposal mode with technical and business evidences consolidated within the hackathons such as a pre-feasibility study requirements.

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