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Buzz Lightyear


Your are invited to think and produce technological business concepts, hardware and/or software for critical facilities that are essential for sustaining human life and activities on the moon, allowing astronauts to live and work in an environment that is hostile to human life without Earth-like resources.

Technical challenges

  • Landing pads Designated areas for spacecraft to safely land and take off.
  • Habitation modules
    Living quarters for astronauts, providing a safe and comfortable environment during extended stays on the moon.
  • Storage facilities
    Used to store supplies, equipment, and scientific samples.
  • Airlocks
    Eentry/exit points for astronauts to enter and exit the habitation modules while maintaining a suitable pressure environment.
  • Maintenance areas
    Dedicated spaces for repairing and maintaining equipment and infrastructure.


Business Challenge: 

Reach to technological business proposal that demonstrates potential for commercial viability.  

Intended outcome: 

Reach a demonstrable concept pitch under a technological business proposal mode with technical and business evidences consolidated within the hackathons such as a pre-feasibility study requirements.  

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